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Brand Loyalty is Dead for Electric Scooters

Electric scooters have invaded big cities in America and beyond. Street corners are littered with Limes, Birds, Lyfts and soon, more names like Wheels will be joining in on the parade. With so many options, consumers have no reason to be loyal — or do they? We assessed three highly recognized brands in the electric […]

5 Ways to Make Your Content Stand Out

Content is the substance through which a company’s brand is communicated. It engages consumers—both existing and prospective—by building trust, expressing what needs the company meets, and through which products and services. With plenty of flimsy content inundating the market, you can provide a much-welcome alternative with meaty, significant content that gives readers the answers and […]

Mistakes to avoid once you’ve raised Series B

No-nonsense guide written by Evestar’s Founder & CEO who founded a billion-dollar startup

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