You can’t take impressions to the bank.
That’s why we focus on running profitable facebook ads.

Launching Facebook and Instagram ads is easy. Making them truly profitable is hard.

Not many marketing agencies would care. We do because we’ve scaled actual businesses, not just an agency. Our entrepreneurial DNA has helped hundreds of DTC brands find the winning combination of having the right campaign structure and impactful ad creatives.

Our process

1 Business audit, not just the usual ads manager audit

Far too many agencies are focused on getting their clients to start spending immediately. Not at Evestar. We understand that in order for our team to succeed, our clients have to first– which is why we conduct a thorough deep dive into your business before pushing any ads live.

Understanding your product is a key first step for us. Regardless of your vertical, we need to understand why prospects should care about your product and what you have to offer.

We also analyze your business metrics to understand your margins, your GOALS, the revenues you must hit and profits you must generate in order to keep reinvesting in your business.

Once we’ve gathered enough data, we’ll take a look at who you’ve targeted and how you’ve positioned yourself in your current ad copy and creative so that we can begin identifying some quick wins.

Which leads us to our first big undertaking…

2 Creative audit and UGC sourcing

It’s likely your brand has (at least some) assets that we can repurpose into more effective ads with impactful copy.

What you likely won’t have is the right User Generated Content (UGC).

UGC was once an asset category that was nice to have, it’s now a full on necessity. So much so that a percent of your media spend should be allocated to ongoing UGC creation. We work with hundreds of experienced content creators that provide converting UGCs. Not only does that ad type engage prospects better, it improves your CTR on ads, reduces ad cost and most importantly lowers your CPA.

So one big step we will take together is activating our team of content creators, write winning scripts and impactful hooks, and deliver high performing ads. Remember, you’re just one ad away from everything clicking into place. Trust us, we’ve seen it happen time and time again.

One of our fashion brand embraced a regular cadence of UGC generation in 2022 which created stability in nCPA that allowed us to scale their revenue from $4M/year to $6M/year. If you’re not doing this correctly this year, you are wasting ad dollars and/or leaving money on the table.

Unless your content bank is full of perfect assets, we’ll likely begin by focusing on generating ongoing UGC (short form video ads) to create that winning ad that transforms your efficiencies. We’ll activate our team of content creators, write winning scripts and impactful hooks, and deliver high performing ads. Remember, you’re just one ad away from everything clicking into place. Trust us, we’ve seen it happen time and time again.

3 Ad Destination URL and the importance of Landing Pages

Controlling the full ad environment is as important as ever. Which leads us to another area that remains often overlooked by DTC brands: a converting landing page.

Most brands we audit still run their ads to their homepage or a product page. While this will lead to some conversions, it will not convert as well as a landing page that educates new customers on what you do and why they should care about what you are selling. Your goal is to shorten the conversion journey and sending visitors to find all the relevant information on your website leads to confusion and oversight.

Moving to landing pages for several of our clients has helped lower their CPA by 20-50%. Couple this with impactful UGC content and you are off to the races.

4 Appropriate campaign structure setup

80% of our audits end up uncovering outdated or reckless ad account structures. Poor setups don’t just create massive ad waste, they also wrongfully convince you that “Facebook doesn’t work”.

We’ll admit —it’s gotten a lot harder. However, you can still make it work with the right team behind you.
There’s a good chance that our next step will involve rebuilding campaigns from the ground up.

In today’s world, the most effective approach is a simplified and consolidated campaign structure. Since Facebook’s ad delivery gets even better once it exits the learning phase, we want to avoid having too many campaigns at once.

Another crucial step involves setting up the appropriate audience exclusions so that Facebook works harder to help bring in new customers.

They want to see us succeed!

We have really enjoyed working with Evestar for email, SMS, and Facebook Ad strategy and management and more. We feel we have a partner in the space, rather than a company hiding behind ROAS numbers. They want to see us succeed and they are committed to growing with us!


Marissa Whisman / Marketing Manager at Shop Priceless

After a string of failures with other agencies, Evestar blasted our stats up 600-700%, from ROAS to conversion rate. Our online sales in their first month were up over 600% compared to our previous average month. Now we’re scaling toward six figure monthly sales and beyond. They redesigned our site, set up digital ads, started an influencer program, and re-built our email marketing. Results beyond our wildest dreams, and the future is bright!They are the real deal!


Steve Dunlap / CEO at Meghan inc
You couldn’t ask for a better partner!

We’ve been working with Evestar for a few months now and we’re blown away. Their team has been instrumental in revamping our performance marketing, content strategy and CRM. You couldn’t ask for a better partner to handle your digital efforts. They’ve simplified and improved our tech stack dramatically and the results are proof. Their team just gets it: our brand, what we’re trying to build and how to do it. They anticipate our needs and are proactive in ensuring we’re growing efficiently.


Leigh Harding / CMO at NOOD

5 Optimization through unconventional agency behavior

We don’t care about a high platform ROAS. In fact, we don’t believe in chasing ROAS at all. It’s an outdated metric that can easily be inflated through heavy retargeting — nothing more than a  fake “feel good” KPI.

Any eCom brand in today’s world should hyper prioritize Facebook’s ability to deliver cold traffic and new customers. Remember, Facebook is currently the best media platform for delivering TOF (top of the funnel) traffic to your store. That’s why we focus on other more important metrics like nCPA, LTV/nCPA, MER and new customer revenue.

For returning customer revenue generation, we let the appropriate email and SMS setup do the heavy lifting. This gives us more ad dollars to invest into net new customers – the oxygen of your business.

We live in your ad account. Don’t worry–we’re not tweaking budgets and relaunching ads daily (bad idea); but we monitor important metrics like CTR, CPM and CPAs to understand if we have opportunities to scale or if there’s a need to generate more ad content.

Great stats from an Ecommerce Growth Marketing Agency

6 Impact to the bottom line

We’re not only hired to run your Facebook ads. If your profits/multipliers are not where you want them to be, we won’t be afraid to pause ads and go back to the drawing board.

We’re obsessed with business data. While profits, net margins, cash turnover, and COGS are metrics that most agencies don’t care about, our focus on growing these is our best bet you’ll stick around with us longer.

Oh and our other obsession? Turning businesses into sustainable powerhouses.

This is what separates us from all of the other agencies you may have worked with before. We’re more than media buyers—we’re problem solvers.  If something needs to be tweaked within your business offering to make it work better, we’ll call it out and be right by your side to do the work.

So, let’s explore working together. We have a feeling that you (and your profits) will like how different we are from the rest. Don’t take it from us, read what Steve had to say below.

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