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As if running an ecommerce business wasn’t overwhelming enough, today’s owners are now also tasked with finding an Ecommerce Agency they can trust to scale their business further. And this is hard. With the market so heavily saturated by “Facebook Gurus” and “award winning” Facebook Marketing Services, it’s nearly impossible to recognize WHICH agency truly HAS the proper knowledge to set your brand up for PROFITABILITY.

Think back to the last time you were in the process of hiring a Facebook Ad Agency …

You’re confident in your decision to hire them but realize very quickly that they care more about scaling your spend than your business. Why? Because that’s how they scale their own business. You’ve probably been burnt several times by agencies that “play the game” and are unsure about how to proceed, hand off your account to inexperienced media buyers and people who frankly have never scaled a business.

The truth is, that when considering a Facebook Ad Agency, it only takes one conversation to spot multiple red flags. So, to help guide your consideration stage, we’ve put together a list of important steps the right Facebook Ad Agency should take to scale your business.

Step 1. Brand Deep Dive

Top Facebook Marketing Agencies will start by performing a deep dive into the foundation of your business. This 360 brand view should include customer profile, revenue, net profit, product line up, best sellers, marketing channels you’ve explored, what’s currently working and what isn’t. When Evestar begins working with a new DTC businesses, we conduct a full audit of Facebook Campaigns, Shopify data, Klaviyo, Google Adwords and Google Analytics. Regardless of the ecommerce business, we focus on three primary metrics to structure campaigns around to make sure we can create a scalable environment: Conversion Rate, AOV and LTV. Once we have a good grasp of those metrics, we can begin discussing realistic goals and budgets. Within 24 hours, any experienced Facebook Ad Agency should be able to identify the business gaps/challenges and have a clear understanding of how to immediately improve the outlook. So if they never asked you right questions about your business and suggested an overall business audit – Stay Away!

Step 2. Funnel Audit

After establishing the foundation, a trustworthy Facebook Marketing Agency will typically dive into a Facebook Funnel Audit to focus on the current structure and historical performance of each campaign.

How many campaigns are currently running?What does the campaign structure look like?Are campaigns consolidated? What is the targeting and performance?Is the performance truly reflective of market fit or based on the poor campaign setup? Are campaigns optimized towards purchases? Is the budget split appropriately on prospecting and retargeting? Are the ad frequencies on cold and warm traffic where they should be?

After establishing the foundation, a trustworthy Facebook Marketing Agency will typically dive into a Facebook Funnel Audit to focus on the current structure and historical performance of each campaign.

  • Is your pixel firing the right way?
  • Is your domain verified?
  • Is the brand using Facebook API for the most complete tracking environment?

Step 3. Creative Audit

Top Facebook Ad Agencies understand that 50% of advertising success on this platform relies on the creative; which is why their third step should be a creative audit. This should consist of the current impact of existing ads, CTR, ad quality score, ad engagement, usage of DPA, slideshows, carousels, collection ads and more.

By conducting an audit, top ad agencies can gather the insight they need to either develop new creative or improve current ones. Many brands who approach us haven’t adjusted their creative in months, or recycle the same assets across different campaigns. (TOF and retargeting). In some cases, Facebook can penalize this practice with poor ad quality scores that impact reach. On the other hand, Facebook rewards strong creative with cheaper CPM, translating to less expensive traffic and ultimately cheaper conversions.

At Evestar, we have a dedicated creative team that not only identifies the creative gaps but has one focus: building new creative as needed to make sure that the campaign is running as efficiently as possible. Unlike other agencies, we pride ourselves in making sure that creative is refreshed frequently, to make sure we are always putting our best foot forward.

Step 4. Funnel Rebuild

A leading Facebook Marketing Agency won’t be afraid to conduct a full funnel rebuild. An effective funnel should consist of three main campaigns broken out into prospecting, retargeting and a post purchase campaign.

Prospecting Campaigns

For prospecting campaigns, you want to introduce different targeting methods: interest-based targeting, look-alike based targeting and broad targeting. Many apparel brands approach Evestar with heavily focused retargeting campaigns that lack audience exclusions. As a result, Facebook serves messaging to a cold audience who hasn’t previously engaged with the brand, hindering first-time customer growth and impacting revenue. If you’re working with the right Facebook ad agency, they won’t be afraid to allocate the largest budget to Top of the Funnel campaigns. While this might reflect a lower ROAS, it will drive new traffic to your brand if the appropriate targeting and audience exclusions are set.

Create Retargeting Campaigns

These campaigns should consist of about 30% of the budget and target visitors based on their website or past ad interaction behavior. A top Facebook Ad Agency will primarily focus on “view page retargeting” and “add to cart” retargeting. It’s important to keep ad frequency under control in retargeting campaigns by staying under 5-6x on a 30-day window. The more you spend on prospecting, the bigger your retargeting audiences will be and the more you’ll be able to spend.

Post Purchase Campaigns.

75% of businesses we audit show a big misallocation of ad dollars. The most common reason behind it is because the setup is optimized towards the highest possible ROAS. Agencies might want those reports to look as strong as possible but what they don’t tell you is that they’re letting Facebook zero in on your warm traffic, which is easier to convert but doesn’t help scale your business since there isn’t the appropriate prospecting budget allocation in the mix.

These campaigns are designed to optimize LTV, a metric that drives profitability and lowers CAC. The right Facebook Marketing Agency will build post purchase funnels based on upsell/cross strategies and winback campaigns during promotional season, as well as new product release phases to create repeat purchases.

Step 5. Testing

Once you’ve set up the structure, developed new creative and optimized the website UX/CRO, your environment is ready for testing and scaling. Depending on the previous account spend, a strong initial testing phase generally lands between $5,000 – $10,000 per month. Throughout testing, a credible Facebook Advertising Agency should achieve solid benchmark metrics in CAC/AOV/Conversion rate in order for the test to be successful. It’s only once metrics are solid that your team should increase budgets. Scaling campaigns requires precision and creativity which is why experienced campaign managers understand how quickly you can sensibly scale the budget and when the time is right to swap out creative.

Step 6. Data Analysis + Reporting

Last but not least, the right Facebook Ad Agency will provide reporting that reflects measurable data from your campaigns. Experienced ad agencies will set up appropriate KPIs that follow consistent attributions, while also assessing different models such as: first party data, 1st click and last click attribution model or adjusting to a different attribution window if your business requires it.

It’s important to understand that a customer has several touch points prior to buying a product. To capture each of these stages throughout the customer journey, many brands will run campaigns across various channels such as Facebook, Google, Youtube, Pinterest Ads, email marketing and SMS Marketing. Since each channel has their own attribution model, the right agency will harness all of this data to improve budget allocation and optimize the funnel.

At Evestar, we believe in developing a firm understanding of the consumer journey by conducting our assessment from top to bottom. By understanding how different audiences travel throughout the marketing funnel, we can make the necessary improvements to scale your business and finally take you to the next level.

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