Scale your paid media with direct response backed UGC

The beauty of UGC lies in having native feeling creative. Couple that with specialized Direct Response strategies, and you have what sets Evestar apart from the rest.

Our brands are consistently seeing results

Evestar has generated hundreds of UGCs resulting in millions of dollars in incremental revenue for our clients. Individually, best performing videos hold six and seven-figure attributed revenues.


One of our fashion brands saw a 38% increase in daily sales when injecting UGC ads while maintaining same daily ad spend


Another eCommerce brand showed a 28% higher
from “Shop the Look” UGCs that promoted not one but multiple items


A DTC footwear brand Instantly doubled Facebook Ad CTR after trusting us with their UGCs

Check out our best performing creatives

Influencer Marketing is today’s billboard while UGC, when done correctly, is seamless product placement.

UGC is Word of Mouth and Influencer Marketing for this new paid media landscape

  • 92% of people trust recommendations from friends and family above all other forms of advertising.
  • Social Media has expanded our definition of “friends” and in that new definition we start to see the power of UGC for brands.
  • Consumers think UGC is 9.8x more impactful than Influencer Marketing.
  • Nearly 28% of people online are researching
    products to buy.
  • 39% of weekly media hours consumed by Americans
    is on User Generated Online Content.
  • Over 23% are sharing their opinions.

Improve Your
Bottom Line

UGC-based ads

  • Get 4x higher click-through rates
  • Result in 29% higher web conversions
  • Get 50% lift in engagement
  • Increase conversion rates by 10%
  • Garner 73% more positive comments on social networks than traditional ads.

The New Path
To Purchase

Consumers want UGC when making purchasing decisions

  • Consumers on average spend 5.4 hours per day with UGC
  • 93% believe UGC is very helpful
  • 79% say UGC highly impacts decisions
  • 70% of consumers will consider UGC before checking out

The Secret
to Retention

UGC is the perfect compliment to traditional ads

  • 50% of Millennials trust UGC more than traditional ads
  • 2.4x more likely to believe UGC is authentic
  • 31% ads with UGC are more memorable
  • 28% increase in engagement when paired with traditional ads

We’re Built Differently

Don’t waste your time with plug and play strategies that haven’t been tested. At Evestar our team of expert Direct Response Strategists and Media Specialists cultivate the best strategies for your brand and products.

We work
from A-Z

At Evestar we work on all accounts and projects like they’re our personal brands. Every campaign is thought and worked on through multiple departments to ensure every brief is created with unparalleled strategic and creative thinking.

We hook you
on strategy

Our team of expert direct response strategists create each concept, project, and strategy through the lense of your target audience. With a pulse on cultural and industry trends, we’re able to develop creative that not only feels native – it hooks and converts consumers consistently.

We cultivate
top creators

Our team of creators have shown to be exceptionally creative and authentic. Our creators not only produce beautiful work they feel like your friend.

We only produce perfection

Our content team works closely with creators to ensure that every video has the ABCs balance. Evestar UGCs all promise to capture the product Aesthetic while promoting the Brand in the same way a Consumer would naturally share.

We convert

Once videos are perfected, it’s finally time to work with our media strategist to iron out the ideal ad campaign that will ensure the right people see your product in a way that feels natural While enticing them to checkout – and we won’t stop until we’ve done just that.

People talk about us


“Extraordinary! After a string of failures with other agencies, Evestar blasted our stats up 600-700%, from ROAS to conversion rate. Our online sales in their first month were up over 600% compared to our previous average month. Now we're scaling toward six figure monthly sales and beyond. They redesigned our site, set up digital ads, started an influencer program, and re-built our email marketing. Results beyond our wildest dreams, and the future is bright!They are the real deal!”

Steve Dunlap / CEO at Meghan Inc

They treated my business
like their own!

Unfortunately, there's very little "space" for me to leave a thorough review. So, I'll keep it to the point... Evestar and the entire team is genuine, fast responding, knowledgable, very experienced, caring, always available (nights and weekends), detail oriented, impressive, helpful, honest, friendly and more. Simply stated, they treated my business like their own. They have integrity and I look forward to a long-term relationship with them =)

Dr. Sam Robbins / Founder at

Amazing clip thanks!

“We are a smaller startup and had tried several digital agencies prior to coming to Evestar with varying degrees of success. They are different from others and had some strong recommendations right from the very start. Lolita and her team are a force, confident and driven. We took their advice and it is clear now Evestar truly knows how to scale businesses. I am happy to report we continue to see sales grow at an amazing clip thanks to the hard work and dedication of the entire Evestar team.”

Christopher Madeiras / CEO at PūrLife Brands Inc.

True growth-hacker!

Lolita and her team have been great. Unlike most of the other agencies we have worked with, Evestar is a true growth-hacker. They have helped us scale significantly through a multi-channel approach. We highly recommend them.

Philip Brandes / CEO at Bravus Brewing Company

Revenue doubled on 
the next month!

We use Evestar for all of our digital marketing needs. They deliver on their promises; in my first call with Lolita the founder she confidently assessed that they could double our revenue in a matter of 3 months. Our revenue doubled by the end of the second month. Their expertise in optimizing Google ads and coming up with overall strategy has really helped us grow.

Andrea Brassington Madril /Owner at Sunflower

You couldn’t ask for
a better partner!

“We've been working with Evestar for a few months now and we're blown away. Their team has been instrumental in revamping our performance marketing, content strategy and CRM. You couldn't ask for a better partner to handle your digital efforts. They've simplified and improved our tech stack dramatically and the results are proof. Their team just gets it: our brand, what we're trying to build and how to do it. They anticipate our needs and are proactive in ensuring we're growing efficiently.”

Leigh Harding /CEO at NOOD

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