Choosing The Right Google Ads Agency to Grow Your Ecommerce Business

Google Ads is the largest search media platform to drive traffic and increase conversions. But did you know it’s also the most complicated one and the hardest to learn? From Search & Shopping, to Display, YouTube and more, there are numerous products that you can count on to help you grow your business.

In our experience auditing accounts, brands spend the most budget on Google chasing traffic that was already headed to their website anyway – branded search campaigns. Most of the spend towards these campaigns are wasted.

Step 2. Brand Deep Dive

So, you have a niche product and you want advertising with Google. Consisting of products like Google Search, Google Shopping, YouTube Ads and Google Display, where do you even start? That’s where we come in. At Evestar, our experts kick off every partnership with an initial audit to gather a comprehensive understanding of your business, the competitive landscape, target audience and more.

If your brand has brand awareness…

When working with a new client with an established presence, we can immediately build from the bottom-up. We’ll begin by focusing on Google Search & Shopping as the primary channel to drive immediate ROI, maximizing value from the existing brand image. This allows us to generate immediate revenue in order to “reinvest” the profit into higher funnel campaigns.

This was just the case with a wholesale client of ours in the fashion segment. Prior to working with us, they established strong partnerships with retailers such as Nordstrom, Bloomingdales and Neimen Marcus. While these partnerships helped garner large search volumes for the brand’s name, it was the retailers who captured and monetized the search volumes, and not the client. To direct traffic to the actual brand rather than the retailers selling it, we transferred ownership within search and shopping which immediately increased revenue and ROI for our client.

Instead of the high search volumes benefiting their partners (retailers, affiliates, etc.), we shifted the campaign parameters to benefit the actual brand.

Can We Expand Google Shopping?

Is your brand’s product visually appealing? Do you have a competitive advantage that would entice users to click on your product (e.g. price, professional photography, etc.)?

All of these factors determine whether Google Shopping –the top Google ecommerce platform — will become your main focus in your Google Adwords campaigns. Google Shopping is almost always the most profitable Google channel for e-commerce businesses.

Initially, we’ll dive into the search terms for a deeper understanding of what potential customers are actually looking for within search results. Then we look thoroughly through each product’s titles and descriptions to make sure the most searched keywords are included in the titles and descriptions.

While this is time consuming and requires tremendous experience and precision, it’s the vital jumping off point for everything moving forward. Once we’ve completed this review, we’re ready to optimize the shopping feeds including product titles, descriptions, etc. In addition, we’ll build out a new campaign structure that ensures we’ll show up for the right terms AND remove any waste.

The unique nature of Google Shopping, which doesn’t give the ability to bid on exact keywords, is what makes it very different from Google Search. This is also an area where Evestar’s unique approach becomes increasingly valuable. Everything from data feed optimization, campaign architecture, as well as a close connection with SEO are critical to the long-term success of Google Shopping campaigns.

Is YouTube the Right Platform for you?

For businesses with strong video creative, YouTube can be a great channel to drive cost-effective traffic. The ability to place video ads on prominent channels or by interest groups (or both) is one of the most powerful targeting tools available.

We often see very cost-effective reach from YouTube towards a high-relevance audience.

YouTube has many unique targeting capabilities which makes it a logical partner for Facebook Advertising. While Facebook’s algorithm is extremely powerful in identifying target audiences, YouTube uses tools such as previous search history to expand reach to our target audiences.

Should You Allocate Spend Towards Google Display?

Have you maxed out potential across social channels? Do you have an appetite for expanding your top-of-funnel awareness? If so, then Google Display may be a good fit.

This is one of the most misunderstood channels within the Google suite of products. While Google Display is an older network to advertise on, the wide reach of placing banner ads across millions of websites has always been a powerful way to reach users.

In almost every instance, businesses come to us utilizing small display budgets for remarketing only. However, we have seen many occasions where this is exactly the tool that a business needs to take the next step in expanding their digital presence.

IF we can find enough budget to make this channel work, there is huge potential profitability with Google display.

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