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Miami, Florida. The city means many things to many people. It was always known as a destination for great weather, leisurely activities, and an international scene. For many, it became an oasis for business over the past few years – the city is fertile ground for entrepreneurship. This city is such an excellent location to set up a business or start an e-commerce campaign because of its vast amounts of cheaply available space. There are multiple areas in the city, such as Hialiah and Doral, that have many available warehouses, the key to establishing a foothold in a new area. However, simply doing business in Florida isn’t enough to tap into the bustling Miami economy. You need to make your product or services known to the general public.

That’s where Evestar comes in. Evestar is the fastest growing digital marketing agency in the country, specializing in scaling e-commerce brands. Evestar has a highly trained staff specializing in growing your profits by focusing on media buying on paid social and paid search channels, ad creation, SEO, email marketing and viral influencer marketing campaigns. If you’re looking for a partner to help you scale your ecommerce brand Evestar is your digital marketing agency of choice.

What Is An E-Commerce Digital Marketing Agency?

Over the last two years, e-commerce has exploded in popularity. Digital Commerce 360 remarks that e-commerce grew by 14.2% in 2021 as consumers seem to fully embrace the digital market. Many small businesses in Miami see e-commerce as their saving grace and a way to compete with much larger enterprises. While this is true, many companies don’t know how best to approach digital marketing to get the most eyes on their ads. The result is that small businesses lose out to larger companies that hire entire marketing teams to deal with their digital marketing strategy.

An e-commerce growth marketing agency is the equivalent of those in-house teams large companies hire to deal with their online marketing strategies. Being a full-service agency, Evestar can help your business compete in all aspects, growing your brand’s financial strength so you can move up in the playing field. Digital marketing is an art, and it’s easy to get wrong. Evestar removes this trial-and-error approach and hits the mark every time.

What E-Commerce Marketing Services Does Evestar Offer?

As a full-service digital marketing company, Evestar offers several services to our clients, including:

Ad Creative

There’s more to an ad’s success than just the words that go into building it. Everything must come together to draw in the buyer, from the colors to the shapes and images that make up the ad. Evestar’s ad creative brings your ad to life through its unique look at graphic design, guaranteed to catch eyes and wow your core demographic.

Facebook Ad Buying

Facebook ads are still one of the best ways for a small business to impact a market significantly. However, daily optimization and tweaking are necessary to ensure that the right message goes out all the time. Evestar’s Facebook ad buying team is skilled at providing ad campaigns that make their maximum impact on the market.

Google Ad Buying

One of the oldest and most proven methods of getting traffic to a website is Google ads. Evestar’s Google ad buying team has honed their skills in managing what is probably the most intrinsic part of a complete digital marketing strategy. From Google Search to Shopping to My Business, Evestar’s team has got you covered.

YouTube Ad Buying

Video ad marketing has exploded, and the best medium for delivering those ads is YouTube. Evestar’s machine learning and data aggregation tools create a data-driven marketing sphere that targets the right customers with your video ads. A blended approach is ideal for getting your products or services in front of a desirable audience.

TikTok Media Buying

TikTok remains one of the most popular social media sites because of its addictive algorithm. Our expert team can aid you in deploying well-crafted UGC ads built into the perfect funnel structure to convert viewers into customers.

Pinterest Ad Buying

A lesser-used alternative for marketing is Pinterest, but since their current traffic cost (CPM model) is undercosted, it’s the perfect entry point for some small businesses. Pinterest can also be a significant consideration as a third channel for a company already invested in both Google and Facebook ads.

Email and SMS Marketing

Many experts agree that both email and SMS marketing have a place in the modern marketing ecosystem. Evestar advises clients to dedicate as much as half of their digital marketing budget to these methods because they’re so effective. Evestar can help manage the technicalities on the back end and even integrate with email management services to get the most bang for your buck with email and SMS marketing.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is one of the best ways to drive organic traffic to a website. Organic traffic has several key advantages, such as a higher return on investment (ROI) and high credibility. Evestar’s goal is to ensure that businesses benefit from high-ranking search results through their content marketing.

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Why Is Evestar The Best Choice In Miami For E-Commerce Digital Marketing Agencies?

Evestar has grown rapidly for a reason. Over the years, Evestar has built a reputation of producing expert ideas and following through on those with precise execution. This is due to an entrepreneurial mindset and wanting to grow the profits of every client. Evestar might be a top e-commerce agency, but it came from a business background and therefore thinks like one. The goal is profits and revenue for clients, and these are successes that Evestar feels comfortable in guaranteeing. Why? Evestar is a boutique agency, working hand-in-hand with businesses that are hand selected. The condition for selection is whether Evestar truly feels as though they can help. So while you can choose Evestar to work with, Evestar will also choose you and ensure that a potential partnership will be profitable for both parties.

What Does The Miami Area Have To Offer Businesses?

Miami is one of the bustling metropolises of Florida. But what does Miami have that makes it so attractive for businesses?

  • Beaches: Miami is already known for its sun, sea, and sand. It’s never too early to get away from the office and hit the beach for a bit of relaxation. With some of the most breathtaking coastline in the country, it’s worth it to establish an office down here just to see the sunset.
  • Low Taxes: Aside from Florida’s lack of a state income tax, business taxes are impressively low. Big companies can benefit from setting up offices here since they would pay far fewer taxes than in California or New York.
  • Massive Economic Growth: Post-pandemic Florida has seen massive economic growth, with Miami’s population swelling by over 200,000 people. Workforce development programs are already in train to help these people find jobs and contribute to one of the most dynamic post-pandemic economies in the US.
  • Land: Land and lots of cheap warehouses in Doral and Hialiah, allowing companies to build their ecommerce operation.

Choose The Best E-Commerce Digital Partner in Miami

Miami is amongst the most vibrant societies in the US, and its economy continues to grow each month. Driving this growth is a massive shift towards e-commerce and digital business. Moving a business to Miami means partnering with the best in the industry. Evestar has several departments dedicated to offering superior digital marketing to its clients.

There are several notable Miami clients that have seen serious growth since partnering with Evestar:

A leading wholesaler without an e-commerce presence, Elan saw six-figure online sales in just 5 months. Their results have outpaced initial projections, and they have since tripled their quarterly growth.

A niche yoga and activewear brand, composed of luxe Italian materials while specializing in bold prints and fits. While they already had an online presence, they were interested in growth. Evestar rebuilt their Facebook sales funnel, began targeting customers globally, and featured website incentives and other digital media outreach efforts. The results are a tripling of average user spend, as well as a tripling of annual growth. Needless to say, the efforts to scale Noli’s e-commerce presence was successful.

A luxury apparel brand, their goal was hyper growth. Whereas other marketing agencies they had worked with in the past had focused on their existing clientele, they knew they needed to find new customers if they wanted to achieve their objectives. Evestar analyzed their data, and realized that there was potential to tap into unrealized customer databases. A video was created specifically for these prospective clients, and the results speak for themselves – they tripled their annual growth, and have seen a seven-fold return on ad spend (ROAS) on Facebook.

Evestar is a preferred Facebook agency founded by a serial entrepreneur that walked the path of scaling a business from scratch. If you’re ready to discuss how we can help you take your business to the next level

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