Why TikTok is Becoming the Advertising TikTalk of the Town

Think TikTok is just dance challenges and hit songs? Think again.

Boasting over 1B+ monthly active users (and growing), more and more brands are flocking to this popular app as their advertising platform of choice. With 8 new users per second and an average of 90 minutes spent in-app each day, it’s one of the fastest growing platforms in history …not to mention most-used social networks in the world.

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Famous for its endless stream of short-form videos, TikTok enables access to a global stage where the brand can reach new audiences unlike ever before. From branded takeovers and targeted ads to hashtag challenges and more, this is one digital trend you most certainly do not want to ignore.

Wondering how to get started? Keep reading as we uncover our unique approach that’s proven to help brands profitably extend reach among new and existing audiences on TikTok. 

Evestar – A TikTok
Ad Agency

There’s no shortage of advertising opportunities on TikTok. With ads starting as low as $5 per CPM, it’s the ultimate platform for brands looking to create a buzz without going over budget. However, much like any platform, it’s important to work with an agency who understands how to leverage the channel profitably.

Is TikTok Right For Your Business?

As a strategic agency, you can trust Evestar to determine which paid channels make the most sense to focus on to grow your brand. Throughout our initial assessment, we’ll deep dive into your brand’s key metrics to see if Tik Tok is the right channel for you. This is what we look at:


First, we look at your product. The good news is that TikTok’s diverse audience makes it a strong channel for marketing almost any product. From fashionistas to foodies, you can leverage TikTok’s capabilities to hyper-target audiences based on age, gender and interest to sell your product.


When it comes to average order value we’ve found that products ranging anywhere between $50 and $80 perform best on TikTok. However–don’t let that number deter you as we’ve also seen $500 products exceeding their cheaper counterparts. The opportunity is there for your business to capture high-converting, high-quality traffic at very low spend. The key? Creating the right content that’s engaging and authentic.

Target Audience

Lastly, we study your target audience and how easy it is to find it on TikTok platform.

With TikTok’s increasingly diverse user-base, the possibilities to tap into new and existing audiences are currently endless. As one of the fastest growing apps in history, there will be even more opportunities for your brand to connect with potential customers in the near future.

To help you get more comfortable with TikTok, our media team put together a list of action items that we follow to launch TikTok campaigns.

1. User Generated Content/ Influencer Marketing

First and foremost, we need UGC. So who’s creating this viral UGC content that people can’t help but consume? Users. So, to tap into TikTok’s success, the key is to make “addicting UGC content” that will go viral and sell your product. Without UGC, your ads will severely underperform or your dollars will be wasted, so this is an important first step.

Step 2. How To Set Up TikTok

As we’ve mentioned, TikTok is the land of marketing opportunities for brands looking to scale. Before running any
ads or campaigns, ensure you’ve set up everything correctly to maximize your tracking capabilities on TikTok Pixel:

API tracking is ON:

Turn on API tracking to help optimize campaign performance. Keeping track of this data is important, as it offers valuable insights into your audience and how often they’re interacting with your ads.

Maximum Data sharing is ON:

If you want to maximize reach on TikTok, make sure to keep Maximum Data sharing on. Utilizing custom APIs shows data from TikTok’s partners’ servers as well as customer browsing data, ultimately making data blocking not as probable.

Pixel Is Tracking Important Events:

First, make sure your events are accurately defined so that you can track your ad’s impact. (You can double check if the Pixel is set up in the correct way using the TikTok Pixel Helper extension for your browser.)

Don’t have an Ad Account yet? Not to worry—we have a great post for setting TikTok that will provide you with all of the information you need to get started. If you’re thinking about launching your first campaign with TikTok marketing, the right question is: How do I structure my first testing campaign and what should I aim for?

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If you want to succeed on TikTok, you need to thoroughly test campaign performance on a consistent basis. As discussed prior, user-generated content (UGC) in particular will be integral to your overall success.

TikTok will favor your ads if you give the platform the right piece of content that users will like and engage with. The strength of TikTok lies in the fact that it has the most intelligent AI capabilities, capable of identifying what users like and showing them the videos that they are most likely to watch. The ads must appear “native” to the platform. Taking all of this into account, we have identified the following must haves that each ad should contain.

  • VOICEOVER: If the ad doesn’t appear to be selling something blatantly, try adding voiceover to the video and people will be more likely to stay engaged with it.  For further interaction, it’s important to ensure that captions are turned on.
  • DYNAMIC: Dynamic ads are engaging creatives that embrace trending music and show continued movement in the video. Unlike static ads, these should move quickly and capture the user’s attention.  
  • TESTIMONIAL: Testimonial videos add a human element and a trust factor that sometimes isn’t relayed through standard commercial ads. Users trust other users that endorse the product. We find a genuine dynamic testimonial ad will outperform any other TikTok creative today.
What should you do when you find the ad that works for you?
Take a look at one of our scaling method overviews:

4. Campaign Structure
– How to Launch Your First Campaign

  1. Pick Your Winning Ad: Using all of our tips from above, you should pick the ad (or 3-5 ads) that you think will do the best on TikTok. We’re happy to help you select the ad we think will perform the best, based on our vast experience. From these ads, hopefully you’ll find 1-2 of the best performing ones with good metrics (at least 1%+ CTR and CPC under $1, for example).
  2. Duplicate In A Separate Campaign: From the winning ads, duplicating them in a separate campaign is important with the purpose of testing cost caps.
  3. Start Testing Cost Caps: Change your adsets to target cost caps. Pick a range (for example $40-$60). Launch 3-7 adsets within this range.
  4. Find The Sweet Spot: Find the sweet spot within this testing to get the lowest CPA. For example: You’re getting the lowest CPA in the range between $40-$50.
  5. Expand Your Ad Spend In That Range: We recommend testing more in depth, for example trying $41, $42, $43, etc. Try each cost cap inside the winning range ($40-$50 in our case) and find out even more profitable combinations of targeting.

Final Thoughts

Finding a TikTok Ad Agency you can trust to scale your business is difficult, but not impossible. You just need to know what to look for. Whereas some agencies will make bold claims, they won’t be able to back it up with the data and experience that we have. 

We’ve put in the time and effort and scaled businesses to where they need to be. Time and again we have shown that we can take a business from the ground up in terms of profitability by utilizing our social media and ad spending knowledge. 

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Searching for a relatively low-cost advertising outlet with significant ROI? Look no further than TikTok. 

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