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In 2013, Lolita and her husband, Sergey Petrossov, co-founded JetSmarter, a private aviation booking platform. With Sergey as CEO and Lolita as COO, JetSmarter rapidly became one of the biggest and fastest thriving – not to mention most marketed – brands in the world. Within just a short amount of time, the powerhouse couple transformed their small, three-person operation into a 300-plus team “unicorn” startup.

As JetSmarter continued to disrupt the private aviation space, Lolita led all sales, marketing and branding initiatives, In addition to working with her in-house teams, Lolita contracted various digital marketing agencies.While outside firms chased impressions, JetSmarter’s in-house departments chased growth and profits with faster, more measurable results. It became clear how operating structures of traditional agencies couldn’t meet the demands of a startup with off-the-chart growth because they simply didn’t understand the business.

Along with her team of in-house marketing experts, Lolita implemented well-devised marketing and sales strategies until JetSmarter was triumphantly acquired by Vista Global, extending the group’s product offering into the $11 billion on-demand corporate flights sector.


It was the passion, the purpose and the people who gave Lolita the will to do it again. As a growth digital marketing and eCommerce expert, Lolita and her team launched an eCommerce agency that’s committed to helping brands achieve similar success.

And so, Evestar is born…


Evestar is a top eCommerce agency helping clients scale millions of dollars each month. From small startups to billion-dollar brands, Evestar is committed to scaling each business into a profitable machine.

Meet Our Team

Lolita Petrossov

Founder, CEO at Evestar

Jonathan Gosper

Partner, Chief Operating Officer

Patrick K.

VP, Search

Sergey S.


Eli B.

Lead Facebook Media Buyer

Khalil B.

Facebook Media Buyer

Kaylah M.

Community Manager

Giorgina S.

Project Manager

Olga M.

Project Manager

Shiv S.

Account Director

Sofia V.

Project Manager

Tim T.

TikTok Media Buyer

Kimberly M.

Jr. Account Manager

Jane C.

Project manager

Evhenii S.


Jane B.

UI / UX Designer

Ann H.

UI / UX Designer

Svetlana Z.

UI / UX Designer

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