Scaled Mens Fashion Brand to a 7 Figure Leader in the Ecommerce World

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Branded as “the best suit you’ll ever own,” xSuit offers a uniquely packable, stretchable and durable product for the well-dressed man. xSuit came to us after a wildly successful crowdfunding effort in 2017 because they lost momentum and saw a significant drop in sales directly following the campaign. Our challenge, as experts in Facebook Ads marketing and as a premier social media influencer agency, was to reinvigorate their sales and bring back the product’s initial excitement.


With goals to build trust and establish xSuit as one of the leading suit brands in the world, we had our work cut out for us. To start, we gave the xSuit brand a makeover and assessed their existing marketing efforts.

Brand Reposition & Website Facelift

To steer xSuit away from the gimmicky reputation they had gained, we changed the brand’s appearance, making it larger, hiring models that fit US and European markets and reskinning their website. While making major changes to the xSuit site, we also improved their lead capturing by incentivizing discounts and perks. In addition, we added cross-selling features to increase their average order value (AOV). And to optimize SEO and rank high for targeted keywords, we built out their organic traffic and content marketing strategies.

Influencer Marketing

As a specialized social media influencer agency, we were able to maximize xSuit’s brand awareness by deploying an ongoing influencer marketing campaign. Our team reached out to hundreds of influencers daily, bartering suits for posts to create major traffic and follower growth at a low cost. The influencers we secured for xSuit ranged from micro-level accounts to famous figures like actor Jeremy Piven.

Email Marketing

While we were able to direct a lot of traffic to the xSuit site, we wanted to make sure our elevated campaign touched users at every point, including email. Using Klaviyo for email integration, we built a series of automated flows to welcome customers, notify them of cart and browse abandonment, thank them post-purchase and more.

Facebook Ads Marketing

We also optimized xSuit’s Facebook presence by rebuilding their Facebook Ads marketing funnel and producing new creative. From the top to the bottom of the funnel, we tested interest, lookalike and broad targeting. Looking globally, we also tested and optimized ads to run in countries that gave them the highest conversion rate. By keeping the creative fresh and constantly reevaluating our efforts, we were able to scale xSuit’s budget while maintaining a consistent return on advertising spend (ROAS).

Google & YouTube

Due to the high price point of xSuit’s product, we scaled back their existing Google campaigns and focused our efforts on competitors and exact keyword targeting. We also established YouTube retargeting to support Facebook’s traffic efforts.


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  • Facebook Ads
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Our experience as a Facebook Ads marketing and social influencer agency paid off for xSuit’s brand and bottom line.

  • 10xed monthly NET revenue in just 5 months
  • Increased conversions by 63% in the first 6 months
  • Boosted returning customer rate 38% in the first 6 months


  • $1M+

    Monthly Sales
  • 128%

    Conversion Rate Increase
  • 42%

    Customer Upsold to 2 piece Suit
  • x8


“Evestar is the top e-commerce agency in the USA. You truly feel like they are your in-house digital marketing team. They are super proactive, which is very different from every other digital agency I have worked with. Evestar helped me scale XSuit to another level within 12 months. Highly recommend to any e-commerce business if you are ready to scale quick.”

Maximilien Perez


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