Accelerated D2C Growth of a Leading Jewelry Accessory Brand

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As the innovative solution for sagging earlobes and stretched piercings, Levears is the leader in their space. Their product is designed to replace existing earring backs and allow the user’s post earrings to sit perfectly on their earlobes. While offering users a unique and effective solution to a common problem, Levears struggled to scale their success. With a low average order value (AOV) and few returning customers, they were not seeing the growth they had envisioned. We partnered with Levears and evaluated their Facebook digital marketing, Google Ads strategy, digital creative and more to help make their product known to users and increase their overall sales.


To lift the AOV, we steered users toward higher tier items through landing pages and strategic product placement. We also focused on building more effective creative by testing positioning angles and optimizing Facebook and Google Ad setups.

Facebook Digital Marketing

To reach the right audience with Facebook digital marketing and optimize the impact of our ads, we tested different Facebook audiences and their interests. We tested 1%, 2% and 5% lookalike models as well as broadened the bid cap and utilized return on advertising spend (ROAS) control targeting.

Google Ads Strategy

Similarly, we redesigned Levears’ Google Ads strategy and Google campaigns to lower their overall cost per purchase. We A/B tested different creative to find what worked and set up Google Shopping to increase the number of touchpoints users had with the product, enabling the business to scale.

Digital Creative Testing

All this digital testing required a variety of different creative pieces and strategies. Levears was already communicating the problem-solving use of their product and speaking to women with sagging earlobes or stretched piercings. We decided to take a new storytelling angle and tested the preventive use of the product — targeting women who want to avoid getting saggy earlobes in the first place. We also tested various formats of creative such as video ads, images, carousel posts, slideshows and more. In addition, we crafted all of the creative using elevated copywriting and design. Finally, we leveraged PR coverage and maximized its momentum by repurposing TV demo segments from the Today Show. By turning the segments into Facebook ad creative, we were able to serve it to both new prospects and Levears’ warm audiences.

Offers & Promotions

To create urgency that would encourage users to buy now vs. later, we introduced post-purchase offers and other promotions that we delivered via email.

Website & Email

By maximizing lead capturing on Levears’ website, we nurtured as many prospects as possible and captured more revenue through email campaigns and automated flows. Overall, we established support for digital ads and other efforts with more effective email marketing.


  • Ecommerce infrastructure set up
  • List Growth
  • Ad Creation
  • Facebook Ads
  • Email Marketing
  • Google Shopping


Our complete refresh of Levears’ creative, Facebook digital marketing and Google Ads strategy resulted in huge success for the client.

  • Month-over-month revenue went up 30%
  • Increased Levears’ returning customer rate
  • Successfully established the lowest cost-per-lead Levears had ever seen on Google


  • 7%

    Conversion Rate
  • $125K+

    Attributed to Email Marketing
  • 82

    New Creatives Tested
  • 18%

    Customers Upsold to Highest Product Tier

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