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Noli yoga and activewear offers users both fashion and function. Made from luxe Italian fabrics, Noli clothing’s bold prints and flattering fits are perfect for the modern woman. While hitting a targeted niche with a quality product, Noli wanted more in terms of growth. By strategically increasing their digital advertising budget, our objective was to deliver a higher return on advertising spend (ROAS) and a higher overall return on investment (ROI). Through website optimization, digital media marketing and more, we aimed to scale Noli’s eCommerce business.


We rebuilt Noli’s entire Facebook sales funnel to maximize their ROAS. We also tested and leveraged their marketing creative, enhanced their website optimization and deployed a number of new digital media marketing initiatives.

Sales Funnel Rebuild

  • TOP OF FUNNEL: To expand Noli’s reach and increase their brand awareness, we tested top-of-funnel prospecting audiences on Facebook. Our tests consisted of core demographics and interests, lookalike audiences (LALs), broad targeting and more.
  • MIDDLE OF FUNNEL: In an effort to not only increase traffic but also obtain and nurture new leads, we made sure all middle-of-funnel campaigns were properly in place and targeting a warm audience.
  • BOTTOM OF FUNNEL: Lastly, to ensure the users would convert, we segmented bottom-of-funnel audiences and A/B tested various promotions (i.e. free shipping, percentage-based discounts) to compare revenue attribution.

Global Targeting

To lower Noli’s cost per thousand (CPM) and customer acquisition cost (CAC), we introduced worldwide targeting. Taking it one step further, we optimized our geographic targeting by running ads in only the top 25 countries.

Website Optimization

We focused our efforts on the website to increase average order value (AOV) and conversion rate optimization (CRO). By leveraging a shipping fee incentive, we were quickly able to accomplish the former. In regards to conversion rate website optimization, we introduced exit-intent popups, enabled cross-selling features and increased lead capturing on desktop and mobile utilizing Privy and Attentive.

Other Digital Media Marketing Initiatives

  • GOOGLE ADS: Through display remarketing campaigns, smart shopping campaigns and YouTube prospecting and remarketing, we were able to establish a significant Google presence.
  • SMS MARKETING: We were the first to introduce an SMS marketing campaign to Noli. As a new channel for them, we set up biweekly initiatives and automated SMS flows.
  • CONTENT: By helping establish Noli’s voice, we set up an ongoing strategy for regular blog writing and posting to increase organic traffic, and in turn, sales.
  • EMAIL: Using Klaviyo, we built email flows and managed weekly email campaigns to nurture leads.


  • Facebook Restructure
  • Facebook Campaigns
  • List Growth
  • Email Marketing
  • Google Shopping
  • Pinterest Ads


Our Facebook sales funnel, website optimization and other digital media marketing efforts garnered impressive results for Noli.

  • Tripled the user spend while maintaining comparable key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Successfully scaled their entire eCommerce business


  • x3

    Annual Growth
  • 282%

    Increased Sales Attributed to Marketing
  • 35%

    Customer Return Rate
  • 400K+

    Lead Gen List

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