Built an Ecommerce Environment from Scratch for a Leading Apparel Wholesaler

  • Industry: Fashion
  • Year: 2020
  • Services: Ad Creative, Google Ad, Facebook Ad


Despite their position as a leading wholesaler, Elan lacked an ecommerce presence and reached out for support during Covid. With sales down and zero ecommerce initiatives, the Florida based apparel brand hired Evestar to build and launch their eCommerce store from the ground up.


The Evestar team diligently handled all of Elan’s ecommerce infrastructure set up and management. Using Shopify and Attentive, we implemented initiatives around lead capturing, SMS and email marketing focused on capturing 8% of traffic and growing the customer list. When diversifying media buying between Facebook and Google, we quickly discovered that despite brand awareness front the wholesale side, Google initially delivered an unusually higher return. With high internet search volume toward wholesales, we prioritized re-directing traffic to the Elan website. We worked alongside the in-house team to strategically introduce new inventory, while identifying core ecommerce products that we created ads around to lower CAC. Throughout the first few months, we continued to scale campaigns, generate leads and optimize conversion rates.


  • Ecommerce Setup
  • Klaviyo Setup
  • Attentive for lead gen and SMS
  • Google Shopping
  • Ad Creation
  • Facebook/Instagram Ads


Within just five months, Elan went from zero ecommerce revenue to earning 6-figure sales. With ongoing support from our team, Elan;s continued to experience consistent growth month over month.


  • x3

    Quarterly Growth
  • 233,659

    Store Sessions Since Q4 2020 Launch
  • 4,000+

    Orders Since Q4 2020 Launch
  • x2

    Increase in Repeat Customers in Q1 2021

“Since {partnering with Evestar}, our business has grown steadily and exceeded our initial projections...it truly feels like a partnership. If you are just starting out or if you are in the market for a new marketing team, I highly recommend seeing what Evestar can do for you”

Elan Savir


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