How We Scaled Two Businesses to $1M/Month Revenue in the Midst of a Pandemic

May 5, 2020
How We Scaled Two Businesses to $1M/Month Revenue in the Midst of a Pandemic

As an innovative e-commerce agency recognized for implementing world-class digital strategies, we’ve made it our mission to not just build brands but protect them. And while we celebrate our success during times of stability, it’s our aptitude to prevail against unprecedented circumstances that fuels our passion and reminds us why so many brands rely on us to help accomplish their goals.

Marketers have a unique opportunity to leverage the current climate in an effort to grow business, drive revenue streams and speak to the consumer in a way they never have before. Based on our acute understanding of the market’s ecosystem, we were able to successfully execute one-of-a-kind strategies to meet the unique needs of each of our clients.

By readjusting the narrative to view the eCommerce environment as grounds for opportunity, we’ve so far been able to scale $1,000,000 of revenue per month for two of our top clients.

However, crisis or not, one of the leading factors contributing to a brand’s success is their ability to adapt to any situation. As marketers, we hear the word ‘pivot’ quite often, something that a team must be able to do without hesitation in order to maneuver through any obstacle this ever-changing ecosystem may challenge us with.

Our inclination to remain calm, while operating in a world of chaos, offered us the clarity required to look at the bigger picture. Upon evaluating the digital landscape, we quickly defined a content marketing plan to push content through relevant channels with messaging specifically crafted to resonate with audiences during this uncertain time.

With proficiency, we launched aggressive new strategies across SMS and email to increase brand visibility and drive revenue in excess of forecasted projections. In addition, we activated an ongoing storewide sale to maximize conversion rate and maintained consistent follow-up initiatives throughout various email campaigns. And when it comes to digital display, as some of the industry’s top players froze ad spend, we leveraged lower CPMS to increase brand presence across Facebook and Google ads.

Our efforts didn’t stop there as we made decisions to pivot offerings by working with factories to provide more aligned stay-at-home and protective goods while continuing to restock best sellers. Part of our content marketing plan included results-driven social strategies, where we introduced aggressive SMS campaigns and automation flows that we were confident would reach audiences with the right messaging at just the right time.

Balancing cadence and content, we thoroughly recrafted creatives to align messaging with the current environment, precautious of any notes that would come across as tone-deaf…an all-too-familiar trend that the industry has grown accustomed to.

In times of crisis or in times of hope, it’s the fortitude of each team and its members that determines their capacity to thrive. Demonstrating an unrivaled ability to drive demand even in times of despair, Evestar is led by a team of industry experts who have capitalized on their understanding of the market as well as displayed nimble response to the ongoing crisis.

At Evestar, we’re committed to the success of our clients by taking unique approaches to forge opportunities when faced with obstacles. Replacing scare tactics with scale tactics instead, we continue to lead brands to success by relying on our strength to adapt and achieve. Does your brand need help navigating these uncertain times? Schedule a call with us today!

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