Evestar’s Record-Breaking Growth is Redefining the eCommerce Industry

May 20, 2020
Evestar’s Record-Breaking Growth is Redefining the eCommerce Industry

South Florida’s premier e-commerce agency, Evestar, continues to demonstrate an unrivaled grasp of how to successfully operate within the eCommerce ecosystem. In what could be considered record-breaking time, its only taken them slightly over a year to earn recognition as an official Facebook partner as well as be awarded Preferred Agency status.

From scaling multimillion-dollar companies to tripling their client roster to consist of global names such as Steve Madden, this award-winning team continues to solidify their presence as a powerhouse player in the eCommerce landscape.

But perhaps one of their greatest achievements within recent months is managing to scale multiple businesses despite the on-going threat brought about by the global pandemic. Rather than withdrawal strategies in fear, they’ve swiftly adapted their approach to play aggressively towards their offense across all digital channels. And as many brands have shifted from traditional retail to eCommerce as a result of Coronavirus, this has only further accelerated Evestar’s already rapid growth.

In an era pervaded by uncertainty as much as it is expansion, Evestar continues to thrive where others falter. Recognized as eCommerce agency of the Year, it seems that each accolade fuels more innovation followed by even stronger results …a telling spirit that where many agencies lack, Evestar over-delivers.

With a desire to exercise all industry resources, the team has earned the coveted distinction as an SMS expert as well as an Agency partner with Attentive, the leader in SMS solutions for eCommerce brands. Rather than sit idle and rely on platform guidance, Evestar takes matters into their own hands to become more than just an active participant, but rather a leader who leverages these tools to scale eCommerce brands both small and large.

We are also an official agency partner with Attentive Mobile, a leading SMS marketing platform in the US.

As a team that recognizes each challenge as an opportunity, we’re excited to fuel continued growth and help to scale even more eCommerce businesses in the near future.

In the spirit of partnership and enthusiasm for what’s to come, we welcome you to reach out should you be interested in growing with us as either a client or a member of our team. Working together to succeed together, Evestar encompasses the spirit, character and integrity of what it takes to redefine an era.

Scale with us! We have been named a Top eCommerce Marketing Agencies Of 2020 according to eCommerceCompanies and we’d love to chat about your goals to grow despite pandemics, obstacles, you name it. Schedule a call with our team today.

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