2021 Facebook Advertising Guide

April 16, 2021
2021 Facebook Advertising Guide

Want to grow your audience? Then you have probably heard of using Facebook Advertising as a way to build your business. It’s the biggest social media platform out there, so why not take advantage of its possibilities? Using Facebook Advertising to grow your business can be a great strategy if you plan it out correctly. There are different features and methods to using Facebook Advertising. Once you understand these features and their purpose, it can be crucial for your business’ success. Ready to start building your following? Learn about the basics from this 2021 Facebook Advertising Guide.

Facebook Ads 101 – Basic Facebook Ad Information

If you are looking to connect with your consumers on a more personal level, then that is the kind of service Facebook Advertising offers. You are able to test out different advertising methods tailored to your audience in a way that has a huge payoff. This way you can drive traffic to your site and, in effect, to your business.

Facebook Advertising allows you to create a page for your business, craft posts and advertisements based on your objectives to your target audience – all while allowing you to monitor how effective the ad is.

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Building a Facebook profile for your company promotes your brand and makes people aware of ways to stay connected to your company, which is exactly what you want in an advertisement! Have you ever experienced browsing a business online then immediately seeing one of their advertisement posts on Facebook right after? That is one of the methods Facebook Advertising uses called re-marketing.

Facebook Advertising is an easy and cost-effective way for you to spread the word about who you are and what you offer. Facebook makes it really easy for you to use their advertisement process while you are targeting your consumers to build brand awareness and offer your services. They offer 12 different types of ads for you to create after you make a business page for your company.

How to Set Up a Facebook Ad For Success

Constructing the right advertising strategy for your consumers is key. You may try several methods in order to find the right one, but ideally, getting it right the first time makes it easier for everyone. One of the best ways to optimize a Facebook campaign is to choose your target audience carefully. Tailoring your services to your intended consumers is going to have the greatest payoff, followed by selecting the ideal locations.

When it comes down to it, everything you choose about your Facebook Ad needs to be specific in order to drive success. When creating your Facebook ad, you need to keep the following in mind: 

  • Target Audience
  • Location
  • Gender
  • Interests
  • Budget

Facebook Advertising includes features that allow you to select the answers to these questions when you create your ad before publishing. Facebook has an average of 2.8 BILLION users. This means your consumers are highly likely to see your advertising while scrolling the app. So, you’ll want to choose your intended audience and purpose specifically to reach the right customer base. By doing this, there is no reason why you wouldn’t see major results from your efforts, leading to success for your business!

Technical Facebook Ad Features

Facebook used to be the place to see what your friends are up to after graduation, but now it’s so much more than that for marketers.

Facebook has a design studio marketers can use when creating their advertisements, as well as analytics to see how well the ads perform. When you set up your business page, there’s even a Call-To-Action button you can edit to send your consumers where you want them to go. This acts like your contact page.

After you create your advertisement and are ready to publish, Facebook has a feature where you can set your advertisement to appear on timelines of individuals with similar interests as the products you’re promoting. This helps to subtly reach your intended consumers and optimize your brand more effectively. 

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If you are curious to see how well your ads perform, Facebook gives businesses a relevance score that measures the interactions consumers have with your ads. Another helpful feature Facebook has for marketers is insights. This allows you to know when is the best time to publish an advertisement. Understanding the algorithm Facebook provides with their insights will help drive traffic to your site and has a higher payoff with advertising optimization for your business.

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How Much Does it Cost To Run A Facebook Ad?

No one wants to pay an arm and a leg for excellent advertising, and luckily, Facebook Advertising fits perfectly with budgets

Facebook lets you completely decide how much you want to pay in advertising. When you set a daily or monthly budget bid, Facebook then tries to create a marketing plan that would benefit you based on how much you spend. 

When you set your budget limits, Facebook runs a report to visualize how many consumers you can reach and how effective the ad will be depending on the cost. The benefit of using Facebook Advertising is that they allow you to control your spending. Obviously, you want the best result possible, but there is no set price for using Facebook Advertising. It all depends on how much you are set to spend!

Budgeting Facebook Ads

Having the freedom to set your own rate to pay for advertising can be very helpful for the operation of your business. Figuring out your budgets, though, can look different with Facebook options

Before you start publishing your ads, Facebook allows you to set various budgets on a variety of methods when it comes to cost including: 

  • – Campaign & ad set budgets
  • – Daily budgets
  • – Lifetime budgets 

Between your campaigns and ad sets, you can decide how to budget them with the daily or lifetime options. The beneficial aspect of using Facebook Advertising is that they allow you freedom in their options beyond just budgeting, allowing you to optimize content and your brand more effectively.

Measuring Facebook Ads for Success

Understanding your ad performance is crucial to continue optimizing content for greater conversion, and Facebook makes it easy to check the status of how well your ads perform. 

One of the features Facebook Advertising uses is called ad manager. Facebook ad manager lets you closely monitor the ads that you have run and allows you to look at specifics like demographic breakdowns, metrics, and cross-platform performance. 

Ad manager gives its users a more in-depth look at the overall performance of the campaigns and what works or needs to be changed. If you are new to using Facebook Advertising, they offer a free course for users to take that demonstrates how to use advertising on the platform from scratch to better reach consumers.

Facebook advertising works to not only show you the performance of ads on their platform but ad performance on other platforms you use as well, like TV or social media programs. This way you can better optimize your content and know confidently where your ads have better success that is not just limited to Facebook.

Creating the Perfect Funnel for Facebook Ads

Getting consumers to click on your page to buy your product is the ultimate goal with using Facebook Advertising. But having consumers buy your stuff off the first ad they see is highly unlikely, which is why you need the perfect sales funnel.

Facebook ad funnels work to get you more clicks and purchases through their three stages: Top, Middle, & Bottom. 

  • – Top Funnel – raising awareness of brand through video or picture ad
  • – Middle Funnel – the consumers that do click become more engaged through messaging or signing up for your newsletter
  • – Bottom Funnel – where conversion happens through purchases or referrals

Having success through Facebook’s ad funnel is achievable. However, you need to set your content up correctly. You need to keep your target audience in mind and produce relevant content. When you use Facebook’s ad funnel to start spreading awareness, you are taking the first step. You can achieve conversions with this powerful platform with the right approach.

Think about it: your ads are going to interrupt people who are on the app scrolling just for pleasure. When you create your content and partake in Facebook marketing, you should make it memorable, powerful, and engaging.

The Bottom Line

Facebook is a mighty tool marketers can use to optimize business growth. With the platform’s 2.8 billion users, there’s no way you shouldn’t be able to reach your intended audience. And see conversions happen as a result.

 Facebook has beneficial features to help make the marketing process easier and more helpful for you. Plus, it can also be a more cost-efficient way to advertise. Every day more businesses are growing a presence online to reach more consumers in a social media-influenced world. And these businesses are achieving great success from that decision.

Starting your online presence on Facebook has the ability to take your advertising to the next level. You will achieve optimization and conversion to meet the needs of your business while maximizing your advertising success. Take advantage of the easily accessible features Facebook Advertising offers and start watching your business grow by the day!

We hope you enjoyed our 2021 Facebook Advertising Guide.

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