Brand Loyalty is Dead for Electric Scooters

October 19, 2019

Electric scooters have invaded big cities in America and beyond. Street corners are littered with Limes, Birds, Lyfts and soon, more names like Wheels will be joining in on the parade. With so many options, consumers have no reason to be loyal — or do they?

We assessed three highly recognized brands in the electric scooter space:

1. Lime

$1.00 to start and $0.15/minute

Available in 130+ cities

Referral program: For every friend you refer, both of you will receive 3 free credits (which unlocks the scooter or bike for free) once he or she starts riding.

Their Lime Green initiative is focused on the future of a sustainable world. Every Lime is carbon free and the company is investing in renewable energy sources.

2. Bird

$1.00 to start and $0.20/minute

Available in 100+ cities

Bird Scooters will cost you a whole *nickel* more per minute than Lime and Lyft.

Their #OneLessCar campaign emphasizes environmentally-friendly transportation. Check out their Impact page to see their accomplishments.

They even released this short-film at the end of 2018 to dramatize the impact of motor vehicles on a city.

<youtube video>

3. Lyft

$1.00 to start and $0.15/minute

Available in 13 cities and expanding

You don’t have to get a separate app for these bad boys. If you’re in a city that’s buzzing with Lyft scooters, they’ll appear as a ride option.

Each company virtually serves the same purpose: to save time on short distance rides. You avoid traffic, you avoid tracking down your *usually* lost Uber/Lyft driver, and let’s be honest they’re fun.

So, why would you choose one scooter over the other? A brand loyalty report by Swift Prepaid Solutions surveyed Gen Z and young millennials between ages 18 and 29. Sixty-eight percent are willing to refer name brands to a friend and 41 percent would do so for an incentive. Does that mean Lime’s referral program is their saving grace? What happens when a Lime, a Bird, and a Lyft scooter are all parked together? Do you reach for the least expensive, the one in the best physical condition or, the one with the highest safety record?

We’re in no hurry to survey street corners to prove our point because brand loyalty is dead (or dying). Consumers have increasingly more power to choose the least expensive or most convenient option. This is exactly why new scooter companies are popping up like weeds through cracks in the sidewalk.

Take the app Migo, for example. The popular platform aggregates all available ride results from public transportation to scooters. You can easily select the most convenient, the cheapest, or even the most luxurious option. Download Migo here.

Is your brand facing fierce competition? Send us an email to with your current marketing strategy or concerns and we’ll provide you with a few free pointers to steer you in the right direction.

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