4 Automated Emails to Kickstart Your eCommerce Email Strategy

October 29, 2019

Today’s e-commerce customer expects a higher level of service and attention- and with all the competition out there that’s just a click away- we really owe it to them to show our appreciation. Your eCommerce email marketing strategy needs to be top-notch in order to retain a customer for more than just a single transaction.

Fortunately, the technology and automation that make it so easy for your customers to find you, also make it easy to set up automated replies and responses to purchases, displays of interest, and other forms of engagement with your brand.

If you’re working with any growth marketing agency, they’re sure to give you plenty of email marketing tips that are proven to work for the best email platforms. What they might fail to provide you with is this powerful toolset of email templates that are proven to maximize customer retention and conversions.

Marketing experts have developed a short list of automated email templates that provide a rich response capability as potential, first-time, and returning customers engage with your products or service. Email Service Providers, or ESPs, such as Klaviyo and MailChimp have made it easier and easier for brands to create foolproof templates to kickstart your campaigns. 

What follows are four automated email types that you absolutely must set up for your e-commerce email platform:

1. Order Confirmation

This, as we’re sure you understand, is not negotiable. When your customers make an order, they want- and need- to know that you are aware of the purchase and will take action on it immediately.

It is especially important that first-time buyers get a confirmation email with the minimum amount of lag time. Once your customers become familiar with your service, lag times become less of a problem. But for first time buyers, punching in their credit card numbers and not getting a response after purchase can trigger post-purchase anxiety.

2. Shipping Confirmation

Just as important as the purchase confirmation email, shipping confirmation lets them know that their purchase is on its way. Even if the item ships and arrives on time, the worry they will feel if they don’t get a shipping notification is unpleasant. That alone is more than enough reason for them to click elsewhere next time they buy online.

3. “Thank for your first order”

The “Thank for your first order” email lets the customer know that you are aware that they have made their first-time decision to shop with you. This deserves recognition- especially if you want them to come back again. This simple email establishes a relationship to keep the sales ball rolling.

4. “We miss you…”

E-commerce buyers have a huge amount of options. It’s normal if they purchase from you and then forget about you. A simple reminder is a good way to bring your prior great service back to the forefront of their minds. As the old saying goes, it’s easier to keep existing clients than bring in new ones.

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