How to Gain Followers and Maximize Engagement on Instagram

October 29, 2019
How to Gain Followers and Maximize Engagement on Instagram

Instagram is popular with casual users, useful for businesses, and presents a great opportunity for public figures. Hundreds of millions of users log on to Instagram every day to share content, express themselves, and reach huge audiences. As a result, Instagram is a great place for brands to establish a community, grow and thrive. The number one question our e-commerce agency gets asked is “how can I gain followers”?

But Instagram is more than just an exciting social media platform for sharing images and updates. The Facebook sister company is also chock-full of social media tools. It is an ideal place for a social media marketing agency to hone their craft and showcase their capabilities.

If you want to know how to gain followers on Instagram, here are five easy and powerful ways to do exactly that.

1. Use Instagram story tools like “questions” and “polls” to get their valued opinion

People love having an opportunity to be heard and to have an effect on their community. By posting questions and polls you let your followers do just. Questions and polls let your audience have a direct effect on your behavior, which they can see in real-time. It’s an excellent way to make them feel empowered and to showcase a positive attitude toward customer service.

2. Always reply to comments on your posts

It can be hard to reply to everything when you have a huge following, but you really should do your best to acknowledge everyone who takes the time to comment. It’s a great way to curate brand loyalty. Even negative comments offer you an opportunity to change minds and show other users how helpful you can be. One of our clients, Anatomie, often gets questions about the price of their products. As an agency that runs their social media, we take immediate action in replying to any and all comments.

3. Explore relevant hashtags and locations to your company and engage with those posts (like/comment)

Sometimes engagement opportunities crop up organically. When people start hashtags or build an event tangentially related to your brand, this is a key opportunity to gain followers and forward your presence by engaging with it. It’s an important way to protect your branding image by pro-actively engaging with anything that involves you. We have found that the best tool to assist with hashtag generation and analytics is from Later.

4. Ask them to comment thoughts, answer questions, ask questions

In today’s connected world, most people automatically assume they will be able to comment, like or dislike, and that their opinion will be registered. Be sure to encourage feedback on everything you do. It will lengthen the amount of time people engage with your brand, keeping your product or service in that valuable customer mind-space even after they log off.

5. Don’t be afraid to send DMs – even a simple hello!

People love to get a little attention from the companies and personalities they follow. Sending a direct message can really make a person’s day. Best of all, you’re almost certain to trigger at least a small amount of word-of-mouth advertising.

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