5 Tips To Enhance Your Content Marketing Strategy

October 19, 2019
5 Tips To Enhance Your Content Marketing Strategy

Content is the substance through which a company’s brand is communicated. It engages consumers—both existing and prospective—by building trust, expressing what needs the company meets, and through which products and services. Because of this, it’s essential that you consider a strong content marketing strategy and make your content stand out among the crowds of influencers and big brands.

With plenty of flimsy content inundating the market, you can provide a much-welcome alternative with meaty, significant content that gives readers the answers and information they seek and drives them toward your company. Here are five simple ways to make your content stand out from the competition and contribute to your growth strategy:

1. The Emotional Appeal

Humans can be compelled via their emotions and no doubt they have feelings about the situation creating a need for your product. Perhaps they are frustrated with their current supplier or could feel increased satisfaction by the quality, convenience, or other benefits you provide.

It’s good to connect on that level with readers through empathy and use it as an opportunity to tease your product, explaining how it can impact their sense of wellbeing for the better.

2. Using Video

Incorporating quality video into your content marketing can help you stand out from the competition and achieve your business goals. The Content Marketing Institute describes video as “a necessary component in most content marketing strategies.” According to a Cisco study, 82 percent of consumer Internet traffic will be video.

Successful video production, however, means having an “overarching strategy to guide video development,” which ensures each video is “simply a piece of the larger whole,” the institute states. Keep track of key performance indicators and design your video with the primary distribution point in mind.

3. Make it Feel Organic

At its core, content is about marketing, so it is impossible and detrimental to completely ignore the “sales” objective of content creation. You need to be thinking about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and other marketing aspects. However, clients are tired of insubstantial, keyword-heavy content that’s poorly written and almost generic—as if it was “borrowed” from a competitor.

Create fresh, insightful content that reads as natural and sincere and actually serves a purpose for readers by answering their questions, addressing their problems, and building trust rather than being worthless fluff.

4. Engagement from Viewers

You want to make it convenient and appealing for followers and viewers to engage with your content—and with your brand. First, to boost the reach of your content and make sure it’s connecting with followers, use tools like Facebook Insights to learn when your page is active and schedule your content for those prime time periods.

Second, incorporate links into the content that make it easy for readers to share on Facebook, Twitter or via email. Your followers should be brimming with opinions, questions and a desire to engage after seeing or reading your content, so give them a channel to do that.

5. Combine UGC with Original Content

Invite your followers to become an even bigger part of the story by merging user-generated content (UGC) with your original work. The benefit of UGC is that it isn’t paid for, so it possesses an authenticity that appeals to other consumers and users. Successful UGC campaigns include using contests to get followers to share photos advertising your product; encouraging users to submit videos for a particular purpose; or enlisting input from consumers with assurance it will be used. This content can be valuable for your growth strategy, increasing profits, and also strengthening your overall brand.

Improve your Content Creation

As you strive to learn about creating valuable content, don’t hesitate to reach out to marketing professionals who are well-versed in advertising that maximizes customer acquisition and revenue. Work with a top Florida advertising agency to pinpoint the content strategies that will impact your audience and encourage their engagement with your company.


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