Business type: Travel Agency


  • Having focused exclusively on a B2C audience, this particular client was looking to expand their scope by introducing a B2B pillar.  
  • To support this effort, the Evestar team strategized around an initiative to release a B2B product called Executive Edge. This platform was dedicated to small and medium sized enterprise businesses looking to increase volume of ticket sales and auxiliary services. 


  • We conceptualized and executed a sophisticated product roll out plan. 
  • To streamline efficient communication, Hubspot was integrated with their CRM 
  • A multiple phase hiring strategy was introduced along with an extensive training approach to help strengthen sales team performance.
  • To align with business development initiatives, we generated a comprehensive script to support outreach efforts.
  • We planned to drive lead gen through a campaign-driven funnel leveraged across various platforms. 
  • A series of automated email flows were developed to maintain relevance at different stages throughout the customer journey. 
  • Upon implementing a partnership with IATA, we developed a campaign to introduce the product to travel agents.


  • We successfully launched the B2B product just prior to the global pandemic’s interruption. 
  • Due to COVID19’s impact on the travel industry, campaigns were temporarily paused and will resume once travel restrictions are lifted. 

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