Expanded Ecommerce Presence in 2020 to Become a Leading Workwear Apparel Brand for Chefs, Cooks and Hospitality Servers

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Tilit is a retail apparel brand that designs chef wear and custom uniforms for the hotel and restaurant industry. As a company rooted in hospitality, they were significantly impacted by the Covid19 shutdowns. As restaurants continued to close particularly throughout NYC, Tilit’s sales suffered. Evestar was hired to help strengthen their presence throughout the industry and scale sales amidst the pandemic-induced slowdown.


To help strengthen the customer list, Evestar incorporated the Attentive platform as a lead gen and SMS tool. We focused on improving ad creative for Facebook as we continued to scale campaigns across social. Particular focus was placed on middle of the funnel email marketing as consistent messaging was instrumental in helping to nurture growth.


  • List Growth
  • Email Marketing
  • SMS Marketing
  • Ad Creation
  • Facebook Campaigns


In addition to an increase in overall conversion rates, Tilit experienced its strongest performing Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales since its launch nearly a decade ago. As restaurants continue to reopen throughout NYC, we look forward to repositioning Tilit as a leader in chefs wear and custom hospitality uniforms.


  • x7

    Facebook ROAS
  • 100K+

    Email List
  • x2

    Increase in Revenue Black Friday YOY
  • 511%

    Sales Increase in Best Selling Product

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