Evestar merges creative sourcing,
influencer marketing and affiliate
marketing together in one
wholistic machine

How it works

  • Influencer Lookalike List
    Building & Outreach
  • Product Seeding
    to Influencers
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Awareness and Incremental
    Revenue Generation
  • Hundreds of Creative
    Assets Sourced
  • Better Media
    Buying Results
  • Increase
We source hundreds of creatives in 60 days from influencers through product seeding. 
Without YOU paying them any other additional fees. 
We improve profitability
By sourcing and testing hundreds of creatives from targeted creators and leveraging them in Cost Cap META campaigns, lowering your acquisition cost by an average of 40%.

We will generate 5%-30% of incremental revenue from affiliate marketing.

Your current setup…

Paid Social
  • Facebook makes money on every dollar you spend while your brand struggles to remain first-order profitable.
  • Some days, ad performance is strong, but then it slumps, and you give all the gains back.
  • Every time you try to scale, your nCAC rises into unprofitable territory.
  • Your account only seems to perform when you inject a high volume of new creatives.
  • You question if continuing to spend makes sense for your business.
Content Generation
  • Expensive
  • Takes weeks if not months to receive assets
  • Does not perform in paid ads compared to UGC and other native ad types
UGC (working with creators)
  • Priced per video
  • Challenging to scale quality and volume at same time
  • Time consuming with project management, script writing, editing and revisions
Affiliate/Influencer Marketing
  • Hard to reach influencers
  • Hard to identify the RIGHT Influencers
  • Influencer softwares provide you with ineffective tools without execution
  • Expensive fees and long term commitments to influencers
  • Poor ROI
  • Requires long hours of day to day management
  • Difficulties managing talent and their agents day to day

Our frictionless affiliate & influencer marketing activation

  • Creates brand awareness and incremental revenue.
  • Eliminates the never ending spreadsheet work and manual payouts.
  • Automates your affiliate and influencer program.
  • Builds a precise influencer list based on your customer lookalike.
  • Handles all of the communication and product seeding with influencers.
  • Eliminates affiliate code leaks and coupon abuse.
  • Enables automated payouts.
  • Provides accurate Attribution and ROI data.
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Your savings… Your winnings
  • Performance based initiative - no more paying influencers per post
  • Creative production savings
    This is #1 pain point for DTC brands trying to scale on paid social channels
  • UGC sourcing savings
    UGC influencers charge per video, and are hard to scale within the budget unless there is a large paid media budget
  • Expensive influencer software savings
  • META ad spending savings - finally controlled CAC!
  • No necessary in-house employees to manage creative sourcing and influencer marketing
  • New revenue stream from affiliate marketing
Our process… STOP paying influencers
  1. Influencer Discovery and list building
  2. Email Outreach set up - warm up domain, create email sequence and launch email outreach campaign
  3. Influencer sign up - build a registration page that defines the program and allows influencers to select their product and sign up as an affiliate
  4. Tracking and content acquisition
  5. Launch COST CAP bid strategy campaigns
  6. Sales and Commission tracking
  7. Continued optimization and new creative injection
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