Our Specialties

What we do to scale your eCommerce business

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

We remove roadblocks to conversion on your website. Trust us, everyone has them. Sometimes you’re just so in love with your own business that they are almost invisible!

SEO - Technical and Content

It takes us no time to uncover major SEO opportunities that can quickly boost your organic traffic. We will also work on the right content plan – whether that’s improving your descriptions, generating social media content or blog posts – to improve your search ranking.

Digital Marketing Campaigns

Ready to increase revenue and ROAS? Our team excels in building the right Facebook and Google Ads campaigns to maximize their effectiveness.

Driving qualified traffic

We will identify the most cost-effective ways to drive the right users to your website.

Paid Social Creative

This is the X factor that many companies continue to overlook. You may be great at setting up campaigns but you need constant creative refreshes if you want to sustain on a digital marketing scale. We do this and do it well.

Email automation and campaigns

Earn while you sleep. Regardless of your ESP, we will map out and implement automation flows that will almost instantly deliver revenue. We will also craft the right campaign strategies to make sure you get as much out of your email lists as you can.

Mistakes to avoid once you’ve raised Series B

No-nonsense guide written by Evestar’s Founder & CEO who founded a billion-dollar startup

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