7 Easy Wins to Increase Your Google Ads Results Quickly

Kristaps Beltins
October 21, 2022
7 Easy Wins to Increase Your Google Ads Results Quickly

Spending money on Google Ads Marketing and still not seeing any results?

Keep reading as we dive into 7 ways you can optimize your Google Ad performance to start seeing results almost immediately.


1. Re-Marketing Campaigns

Start by creating campaigns that re-market to customers who are already familiar with your brand.

Target people who have previously visited your website, or more specifically, a particular product page. You can even specify a date range—try narrowing down to the last 30 or 60 days. The shorter the date range, the more likely people will remember your product and convert.

Your remarketing pool is a must-have when it comes to setting up Google Ads. The number of leads is based on the amount of people who have visited your site. 

  • Bonus!!! – if you have a customer list, upload it to Google to provide more information on what people are you looking for and retarget them. This helps Google gather more information and data to help your campaigns perform better.


2. Target by Location

Take a look through existing campaign data to identify some of your strongest performing locations either by region, state, country, etc. By filtering data based on the number of conversions, you can get a good idea of the areas where customers are converting the most.  

Use this information to create new asset groups, ads, or even separate campaigns. Be sure to narrow down targeting to maximize your best-performing countries/states/regions. Leverage geo-targeted campaigns to build momentum in existing locations before expanding into other locations in an attempt to acquire new customers. 


3. Targeting “Buying Intent” Keywords

Optimize conversion by targeting bottom of the funnel visitors based on their choice of keywords. For example, a generic search query like “How Do Electric Bikes Work” could be either from a buyer or a curious browser. However, when it comes to a more detailed query such as  “Best electric bike under $2000”, you can almost bet it’s a buyer. 

  • Want to take it even further? Target the exact model or product name to capture warmer leads based on their search specificity. Consider this long-tail, specific model/product keyword —“Nike air zoom pegasus 39 men’s running shoes”. Based on this search query, you can see that the person already knows what they want and are simply looking for the best place to get it from.


4. Using Negative Keywords

We all know how important it is to let Google know which keywords we want ads to show up for. But what about the keywords we don’t want…?  

Negative keywords can help raise your quality score by being more relevant, thus generating more profits. This works especially well for your Standard Shopping campaigns, or Search campaigns.

Start by taking a regular look through your Search Terms to filter out the ones performing weakest. Be sure to make this a routine as it will play a huge part in helping Google learn your keywords.


5. Different Bidding Strategies

Every Google Ads account is different; which is why it sometimes takes a little bit of testing to find out what works.

Maximize Conversions is a good option for when you’re just starting out and want to gather as much data as possible. 

For more seasoned accounts, switching to Maximize Conversion Value and/or setting a Target ROAs or Target CPA can be a great way to stabilize performance while also aligning with your goals. This way, you can gradually scale up as you increase spend. 

Be mindful of each change, as it can drastically impact campaign performance. It’s also important not to make too many changes too often as this can confuse the algorithm.


6. Let Campaigns Run

While it can be tempting to change bids and optimize ads every other day, it’s important to give the algorithm the time it needs to learn. 

Once you’ve set up your campaigns, let them run for a while before making any drastic changes or budget adjustments. At Evestar, we usually wait a few weeks before adjusting any campaigns. If it makes sense, we’ll gradually begin increasing the budget by 20-30% every other week or two.


7. Bonus – Perfect Your Offer

A strong offer is one of the most important factors in making your online business a success. It will differentiate you from your competition and keep you at the forefront of the customer’s mind. 

Start by testing out different offers and analyzing which performs best. Remember that the goal is to incentivize customers with an offer that they can’t possibly refuse—one that differentiates you from the competition.

Kristaps Beltins

Lead Paid Search Media Buyer

Kris Beltins is a Google Ads team lead at Evestar. With 5 years of experience in eCommerce and digital marketing, Kris has built multiple 7-figure eCommerce businesses and managed over $9M+ in Google Ads spend personally, while leading strategy for multiple eCommerce brands doing $20-30M yearly revenue.

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