We help under pressure, funded companies find scalable growth by building a sales & marketing plan that maximizes customer acquisition and revenue.

Founded by Lolita Petrossov, co-founder and former COO of JetSmarter, Evestar is a forward-thinking alternative to the traditional and outdated models used by agencies today.

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Who we are

We’re disrupting the traditional “one-size-fits-all” marketing to build a custom strategy designed around your company’s goals, target market data.

What started out as a team of successful startup entrepreneurs, growth and product engineers has now become an independent full-service digital firm.

Our diverse team has years of experience in identifying and executing to scale a business consistently and rapidly and we are committed to a personal and tailored service to each one of our – from-dollar startups to emerging brands.

And unlike your run-of-the-mill agencies, with our value-based model, there are no unnecessary overhead costs or commission fees. And we never push to sell you overpriced, unwanted media that we can take a cut from. We you to view this partnership as an investment, not an expense.

We are serial entrepreneurs

Because we’ve been in your shoes, we understand your pain points. We’ve already made the mistakes (and learned from them), so you don’t have to. When you partner with us, we’ll point out the dos and don’ts of a successful digital marketing campaign and help you identify the pitfalls and benefits. You’ll get real advice, from real people and our diverse team will reverse engineer a plan to scale your business, and get you to your goal.

We focus on metrics that matter

For every dollar you input, there needs to be an output. So, whether it’s an ambitious revenue target, the launch of a digital marketing campaign or a full website redesign, tell us where you want to go, and we’ll create a strategic plan of action – tailored to your company. From dissecting your current strategy to identify flaws and missed opportunities, to building executing a growth plan, our rigorous metric tactics are backed by cold, hard data.

We dive deep into your business

An idea is nothing without execution. We are a collective of strategists, storytellers, designers, and builders that work closely with you and your team to conceive and develop a made-to-order growth strategy that drives scalable, result-driven solutions. We’ll execute the growth strategy for you, or work alongside your team to provide support where needed. From emerging startups to established multinational companies – and everything in between – we offer personalized growth marketing solutions for companies of all sizes.

Our story

A seasoned startup entrepreneur, Lolita co-founded JetSmarter, a private aviation booking platform, in 2013 with her husband, CEO Sergey Petrossov. Developing the brand from scratch, they grew it from a small, three-person team to a 300-plus “unicorn” startup. A disruptor in the private aviation space, JetSmarter rapidly became one of the biggest and fastest growing – not to mention, most marketed brands in Florida.

Our service packages

At Evestar, we believe in 21st century “Sparketing”; a unified environment where sales, product and marketing are driving the strategy. Sounds complicated? We’ve made it simple. This is why we’ve created four packages that incorporate all elements of sparketing to offer growth solutions to companies big and small.


You have big ideas and big goals, but lack the structure, data insights and resources to take them to the next step. That’s where we come in.

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The Seeds

Our a la carte menu of services works well both together and on their own.

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The Shooting Star

The perfect plan for any company that generates consistent revenue, but is not scaling quick enough. Not ready to commit to a long-term relationship? Let’s start dating.

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Agency of Record

Let Evestar be your in-house marketing team through a collective of copywriters, designers, content managers, SEO specialists, growth hackers and creative directors.

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