Our story

A seasoned startup entrepreneur, Lolita co-founded JetSmarter, a private aviation booking platform, in 2013 with her husband, CEO Sergey Petrossov. Developing the brand from scratch, they grew it from a small, three-person team to a 300-plus “unicorn” startup. A disruptor in the private aviation space, JetSmarter rapidly became one of the biggest and fastest growing – not to mention, most marketed brands in Florida.

As COO and head of Marketing, Operations and Sales at JetSmarter, Lolita led many initiatives to drive sales and marketing performance, working with a variety of agencies – as well as with JetSmarter’s in-house team – to deliver.

From reputable, call-all-the-shots, big agencies, to the famous “your account’s our number 1 priority” tactic implemented by the smaller, boutique firms, size didn’t matter – the results were underwhelming. Meanwhile, our own marketing department’s data-driven approach was producing faster, larger and most importantly, measurable results.

While our team chased growth, our AOR chased impressions. That didn’t impress us much. Much back-and-forth later, we quickly learned that the operating structures of traditional agencies neither met the demands of a startup with off-the-charts growth, or delivered metrics that mattered – simply because they didn’t understand the core of the business.

And so, Evestar was born.

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