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Stockholm-based children’s clothing brand LIVLY offers dreamy baby apparel made from what they’ve branded as the softest cotton in the world. While they had an appealing brand, niche and vision, their marketing and conversions were falling flat. We stepped in as LIVLY’s full-service digital marketing agency to improve their SEO ranking, optimize their website and streamline eCommerce processes while leveraging their valuable first-party data. 


We found that increasing LIVLY’s market presence required a complete re-evaluation of their website, improving SEO rankings, creative and ad strategy. 



To streamline LIVLY’s brand and data collection processes, we started by moving their website from Magento to the industry-leading eCommerce platform Shopify. We then integrated their Shopify site with the all-in-one marketing software, Hubspot.

We also cleaned up LIVLY’s first-party data, optimized their web environment and simplified their customer segmentations and revenue tracking. On the search engine optimization (SEO) front, we made a number of technical changes to improve SEO rankings and increase organic traffic to their site. These efforts included reindexing all products and completing the SEO tactics listed below. 

  • Metadata optimization
  • Keyword list development
  • Keyword content adjustments
  • URL/directory optimization
  • H1, H2 and H3 optimization
  • Metadata optimization
  • XML sitemap analysis
  • Full scheme integration
  • Product description rewrite



Noticing an opportunity to reinforce LIVLY’s brand image and launch their first digital marketing campaign, we produced two powerful brand videos — a project we were only able to accomplish as a full-service digital marketing agency


The first video focused on the touch between a mother, father and their newborn child. Those gentle, loving touches serving as the perfect illustration of how LIVLY’s ultra-soft cotton clothing would make contact with your baby.


For the second video concept, we produced a playful stop-motion-animation piece to drive holiday sales. This seasonal campaign showcased the beautiful LIVLY packaging and products, while visually depicting the brand’s youthful, happy glow. 


With strong creative and an effective website now in place, our digital marketing agency shifted its focus to LIVLY’s ad strategy. To make sure LIVLY was reaching the right audience, we ran a wide range of tests including interest-based, lookalike and broad targeting. From there, we set up their Facebook sales funnel from scratch and introduced new creative that highlighted bestsellers and new arrivals. With the goal to keep creative fresh, we put together a one-day production shoot to capture even more video- and image-based content for the brand. 


Google Ads

Not only did we improve SEO rankings organically, we set up Google Ads campaigns from scratch. To understand their current gaps and opportunities for growth, we audited keywords and conducted competitive analysis. Finally, we ran and optimized Google Search, Google Shopping and YouTube campaigns to support both prospecting and remarketing efforts.


By choosing Evestar as their full service digital marketing agency, LIVLY was able to see incredible growth for their brand and exciting potential for their future. 


  • Grew revenue by 80%
  • Increased organic traffic by 60%

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