Business type: Property Management Service


OnPoint is a property management brand that was introduced to market through a series of acquisitions consisting of smaller property management companies. Evestar was recommended as a leader in helping to build and develop brands from scratch. In addition, the team was tasked with kickstarting campaigns specifically focused on boosting lead gen. 


  • Evestar developed a brand identity strategy which also consisted of developing creatives such as the Onpoint logo 
  • To boost brand awareness as well as solidify a strong presence in a notoriously competitive landscape, the team launched initiatives to help develop their brand positioning.  
  • We managed the ideation, development and execution of the brand website
  • To support business development, we implemented a cohesive sales process to be used internally by the sales team using Hubspot 
  • A phased hiring strategy was introduced along with an extensive training approach to help strengthen sales team performance.
  • We developed and executed a series of successful lead generation campaigns


The Evestar team has continued to deliver significant results with OnPoint experiencing steady growth on a consistent monthly basis. 

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