Business type: Ecommerce


My Organic Company specializes in selling European Baby Formula to customers located in the United States. They carry brands including but not limited to: HiPP, Kendamil, and Holle and Loulouka.


  • After conducting a thorough analysis of the competitive landscape, the Evestar team noticed that many of the competing vendors distributed media spend towards google campaigns. Having recognized that this approach delivers higher CAC, we proposed to launch aggressive Facebook campaigns. 
  • This particular product allowed for accurate targeting, an opportunity to reach customers through the art of storytelling and best of all, a shorter sales cycle.  
  • For each Facebook campaign, we placed a strong emphasis on delivering creative content that was engaging, attention capturing and of course, informational.  
  • To increase conversion rates, the team committed to fostering a lead capturing environment through various email and SMS initiatives. 


Within the first few weeks of working together, the Evestar team successfully doubled the client’s monthly revenue.

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