Business type: Ecommerce


  • The Evestar team initiated the MASQD brand launch at the start of March, right as the COVID19 pandemic was just beginning to unfold.
  • As a new brand, there was zero brand awareness or traffic from previous a previous audience.


  • To support the launch, we developed various digital campaigns across Facebook in an effort to quickly scale budgets
  • We leveraged pinterest to diversify our reach.
  • Multiple email and SMS automation flows were set up to nurture leads and maximize sales 
  • We optimized CRO to maximize AOV
  • Restricted policies around face masks posed significant challenges for running FB ads. This required the team to act nimbly with acute attention to detail in order to ensure campaigns were scaling despite limited real estate on Facebook
  • With so many restrictions, there was a continuous need to swap out creatives.   
  • We successfully reposition the brand narrative to become one of the first companies on a global scale to promote masks as a fashion accessory


Despite launching at the beginning of the COVID19 pandemic, MASQD went on to become a leader in the mask apparel space throughout the USA and globally. In just over 2 weeks, we successfully reached 8 figure revenues. To date, ongoing campaigns continue to scale millions of dollars in revenue each month.

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