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After growing at an incredible pace its first two years thanks to great PR and endorsements, JetSmarter felt momentum was slowing and growth was fatigued.

JetSmarter was in need of a new digital marketing approach, moving away from heavy reliance on earned media impressions from all the press coverage and finding its ability to fuel their own lead generation to let their own digital marketing efforts support their aggressive projections.


Digital media and monthly budget:

  • 80% Facebook / 20% Google
  • $160,000 Facebook / $40,000 Google

Perhaps the biggest challenge that had to be initially addressed was how to effectively capture Ultra High Net Worth Individuals in digital campaigns. Some display ads or programmatic “experts” — which deliver poor results even with the best of targeting — will tell you they can capture these individuals but truthfully are maxed out on income targeting and can’t capture anything higher than $250K HH. We were after individuals with at least $1M yearly income and $2M-3M in liquid assets. JetSmarter made private jets more accessible but that didn’t mean that the audience we were after was any less wealthy.

Our first logical step was having an in-person strategy meeting with Facebook, flying to Austin, Texas to meet with the team specialized in the travel industry. After discussing several targeting options, we decided to focus on two main areas:

  • A/B test effectiveness of Oracle vs. Acxiom third party data to capture the right audience
  • A/B test Facebook vs. In-House Lookalike model creation effectiveness (tested on different levels like best clients, high LTV focused, top city hub layered and more)

Our second focus was understanding the behavior of a HNWI and which CTA would be most effective. We tested:

  • Call now
  • Download our app
  • Schedule a call

Taking an unconventional approach, we flipped the traditional Facebook funnel upside-down and hit prospects with app install ads as a first touchpoint. We realized the audience was very intrigued by a private jet app and they had no problem registering to see more of the app, handing over their information at a very cost-effective price. Once they registered, we set up automation flows to invite them to schedule a call with aviation specialists at their convenience.

Chasing a wealthy individual is much easier when you give them the power to pick a day and time to chat with a sales executive. This improved the quality of conversions and spiked conversion rates. Given the high price tag of private jet membership, it was crucial to optimize this 1-2 step of capturing the lead’s information and then following up with offline conversations to get them to commit to the annual fee.

Once we were confident in the science setup of our campaigns, we moved to make sure the creative spoke to the audiences. While interior and exterior shots of private jets worked well on a prospecting level, there was a need to add more timely and relevant creative, made simple through automated creative tools like that helped us display live price points and the right flight to prospects and members depending on their location and behavior.


  • $8M+/month in membership signups
  • $4M+/month in US flight sales
  • 62% MoM increase in targeted lead phone conversations
  • Overall ROAS of 22x via Facebook ads
  • Flight sales campaigns returning as high as 96x average ROAS

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