Business type: Ecommerce


HairMax’s goal was to amplify the brand by elevating its current look and feel. With various competitors in the hair regrowth space, Evestar was tasked to refresh branding and campaign initiatives to help them become a leader in laser hair devices. 


  • In line with our initiatives to support HairMax’s social media presence, we rolled out an entirely new content calendar to promote brand elevation. 
  • We leveraged strong email marketing strategies and completely revamped all email flows to boost sales funnel.
  • The team relaunched new campaigns across Facebook to reach customers at different phases throughout the sales funnel. 
    • Top of the funnel
    • Middle of the funnel 
    • Bottom of the funnel
  • We launched and optimized Google campaigns across Google Shopping, display and search ads. 
  • To capitalize on our digital email marketing strategy, we led weekly email campaigns to significantly increase email marketing revenue
  • We launched SMS marketing, introducing a new channel to increase lead gen as well as offer SMS communication with the customer


Since we first began working with this brand, we’ve steadily increased revenue and on-site conversion rates. As this is a newly added account, we look forward to updating results to reflect progress in the coming months. 

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