Cross Atlantic Solar

Through our 3-month engagement package, “the Shooting Star,” Cross Atlantic Solar was able to position itself as the leading solar panel company in South Florida.

Before coming to Evestar for help, Cross Atlantic Solar had no website, limited branding, and was not sharing its story. CAS was also in dire need of finding its ideal customers and prospects, not to mention its need for being more easily found by those looking. That, and let’s not forget today’s indispensable need to provide the consumer with an edge over the competition – something Evestar brought to light for them. Next, their Cross Atlantic Solar sales strategy seemed to rest on purchasing third-party leads – a cost that would continue to increase every month. And, CAS did not have a centralized CRM system to help its sales team better manage its pipeline; the company relied heavily on spreadsheets.

Not to fret. Here’s how we collaborated to find success:

In the first 0-30 days, Evestar redesigned the Cross Atlantic Solar website, and crafted their powerful story so as to differentiate them from their competition. Simultaneously, our Evestar team focused on selecting the right CRM for CAS before building their new, centralized Sales, Marketing and Analytics System.

In the next 30-60 days, Evestar launched Cross Atlantic Solar’s social media platforms, focusing on relevant SEO content generation in order to help generate inbound leads.

In a final 30-90 day period, Evestar launched a CAS digital marketing campaign that focused on PPC and Facebook ads, activating an effective inbound lead machine.

Today, Cross Atlantic Solar continues to thrive thanks to its new, lead- friendly website and brand new CRM setup provided by, you guessed it, Evestar. The Cross Atlantic Solar sales team now operates more like a Sales Force per our humble recommendations on how to execute more effectively in today’s unprecedented landscape.

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