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Anatomie came to us looking to scale their growth after several years in the space. They had previously worked with several agencies that performed well but never great. Hiding behind good ROAS numbers — fueled almost fully by loyal returning purchasers — there was a clear lack of focus on prospecting with an over-reliance on targeting repeat customers. They wanted hyper growth, while relying on “strong ROAS” numbers and a slow-growing customer base.


We restructured Anatomie’s Facebook campaigns, investing more time and ad dollars toward first-time purchasers and remarketing. While more costly on an ad level, revenue numbers only grew as we went through this rebalancing effort. We quickly helped Anatomie scale to an all-time high revenue month using fresh, informative creative like this Buzzfeed-style video:

After analyzing their data, we quickly realized that their first-time customers were consistently buying a specific item, mainly a pair of pants they were most famous for. With that data, we predicted future buying behavior and built individualized campaigns to trigger repeat sales. This created massive growth in revenue.

Discovering a leak in lead capturing from their on-site locations and trunk shows that were stored in different POS system, we launched a campaign with those untouched customers with a welcome email from the CEO inviting them to a special Friends & Family sales event. Not only did we increase their lead bucket, we also brought instant revenue from loyal customers.

Integrating their existing Shopify account to Klaviyo, we built segmented and automated email flows. Anatomie brought in revenue overnight with $0 additional marketing spend thanks to these well thought out blasts. We also leveraged effective Shopify Add-Ons to lift conversion rates, urge customers to check out faster, and buy more items through up-selling and cross-selling tools.

To increase brand exposure and domain authority, we implemented affiliate and influencer programs for travel bloggers and influencers to participate in a commission-based opportunity. These campaigns helped get more social engagement and more backlinks, supporting SEO growth.

To this day, we continue to help Anatomie in their ongoing efforts to become the number one travel brand in the World.


  • 107% lead count increase in the first 60 days
  • Record high revenue days and week under Evestar management ROAS averaging consistent 7-8x even after a reshuffle of funnel funds
  • Increased conversion rate from 1.5% to 2.4% in 90 days
  • 15% monthly sales increase with Affiliate Marketing

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