Our Specialties

Often disrespected and put aside thanks in large part to the rise of underpriced digital marketing tactics, branding is making a huge comeback in 2019. This is today’s X factor for any company. You might not become Nike overnight, but when two young companies compete, the one with the stronger brand will win nine times out of 10. Our team has helped create, elevate and reposition a long list of brands, from early-stage startups to established Fortune 100 companies.

Video Content Creation

Humans will always prefer viewing a three-minute introductory video over reading a 200-word paragraph. Embrace it. Let’s create the video that will transform your business.


The way you communicate what you do may make or break your business. Need a tagline? Better website copy? A full-blown written content strategy? We’ll get it done.

Graphic Design

From logo creation to campaign assets, we can take your brand and marketing to the next level.

Website Creation

Websites are perhaps the most important asset today. We can help you build your website from scratch, improve it or completely redesign it to elevate your company. We’ll build the wireframes, rite or rewrite your brand positioning, shoot photos and create video content – and build a website that will deliver your business needs, whether it captures leads or generates eCommerce sales.

Mistakes to avoid once you’ve raised Series B

No-nonsense guide written by Evestar’s Founder & CEO who founded a billion-dollar startup

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