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Lolita Petrossov is a proven entrepreneur. In 2013, alongside her husband, Sergey Petrossov, Lolita co-founded JetSmarter, a private aviation booking platform. With Sergey as CEO and Lolita as COO, the couple built their brand from a small, three-person team to a 300-plus team  “unicorn” startup, valued in the billions. A disruptor in the private aviation space, JetSmarter rapidly became one of the biggest and fastest thriving – not to mention most marketed – brands in Florida. As head of marketing, operations and sales, Lolita led numerous initiatives at JetSmarter, including pushing performance to the top by working with a variety of outside digital marketing agencies and JetSmarter’s in-house marketing and sales teams. Lolita and her in-house marketing department surpassed AORs in terms of faster, more measurable results while the large, traditional agencies’ “call all the shots” tactics fell short. The arguably more ambitious small shops’ effects also were underwhelming.

While Lolita’s team chased growth, her contracted digital marketing agency chased impressions. Lolita learned that the operating structures of traditional agencies did not meet the demands of a startup with off-the-charts growth, nor did they deliver metrics that mattered – simply because they didn’t understand the core of the business.
Along with her lean, mean team of in-house marketing experts, Lolita implemented well-devised marketing and sales strategies until their baby was triumphantly acquired by Vista Global, extending the group’s product offering into the $11 billion on-demand corporate flights sector. It’s no wonder JetSmarter’s industry-leading digital app was downloaded more than two million times. Lolita’s team never stopped forging ahead to meet their ultimate objective of being acquired.

It was the passion, the purpose and the people that gave Lolita the will to do it again. As a growth marketing and sales expert who hires all the right professionals, Lolita makes all the right moves and breathes real life and promise into the brands/businesses that decide to follow her brilliant team’s lead all the way to the bank.

And so, Evestar is born…

We’re battle-tested

Because we’ve been in your shoes, we understand your pain points. No challenge is too great. We’ve already made the mistakes and learned from them so that you don’t have to. Our team will work tirelessly and with meticulous dedication to scale your business and get you to your goal.

We focus on metrics that matter

For every dollar you input, there needs to be output. Whether it’s an ambitious revenue target, the launch of a digital marketing campaign or a brand repositioning, tell us where you want to go. We’ll create a plan of action customized to your company. Our rigorous tactics are backed by cold, hard data.

We dive deep into your business

An idea is nothing without execution. We are a collective of strategists, storytellers, designers and digital market wizards who will work closely with you and your team to conceive and implement a digital strategy that seeks scalable, result-driven solutions. We’ll apply the growth strategy for you or work alongside your team to provide support here needed. For high-growth eCommerce companies or established global companies – and everything in between – we are the answer to your digital marketing needs.

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